GENESA002V Fullmetal Cyberspace EP

by Scalameriya



Artist: Scalameriya, Reeko
Title: GENESA002V
Label: Genesa Records
Country: Serbia
Format: 12” vinyl + digtal
Releasedate: April/May 2013


A1 Scalameriya – Fullmetal Cyberspace (Original Mix)

A2 Scalameriya – Transdimensional Void (Original Mix)

B1 Scalameriya – Alternate Observer (Original Mix)

B2 Scalameriya – Alternate Observer (Reeko Remix)

00 Scalameriya – Model NX7B61 (Digital Bonus)

After the big success of our first record, we are more than happy to announce that our vinyl series of releases is continuing.
For the second release, we have Genesa’s label owner, Scalameriya with 3 originals for the vinyl, a Reeko remix & 1 more digital bonus original. As the EP name “Fullmetal Cyberspace” suggests, a heavy artillery of cutting edge tracks is on board.
A1 is not holding the name of the EP for no reason. A traditionally positioned kick-bass drive in combination with the metallic, uncompromised sound design of it’s creator is without any doubts causing the “wow” effect. It is a track that destroys the dance floor and keeps your mind fully occupied.
“Transdimensional Void” is the name of the A2 track of this release. Monstrous saw-tooth sounds are ripping the space-time continuum while the drums of steel slam trough your body sliding you violently into an endless void. Definitely the most broken up and extreme track of the release.
On the flipside, the “Alternate Observer” is responsible for a paranoid peek show. The irregular 4/4 rhythm is manipulating you into a tribal dance mode while the oddly positioned minimalistic elements add their portion of hysteria. Being “observed” is uncomfortable for most of the people, that is, unless Scalameriya & Genesa Records are involved.
And the last but definitely not the least, on B2 position we have a remix from Spain’s master Reeko himself. Reeko delivered a massive, hypnotic, techno remix that is slowly evolving through the entire track. First you get caught by the amazing structure of the beginning beat, but suddenly you realize that you are already half way through and totally crushed by the created pressure & fluid elements. A modern, highly recognizable piece.
There is one more digital bonus track on board, “Model NX7B61”, that will be obtainable only trough download cards supplied with the vinyl. Which means it will not be released on beatport later with the whole release. 1 more reason to grab yourself a vinyl copy.
This EP will be available in ltd 200 yellow-crystal clear-black vinyl edition supplied with download cards for digital copies. The digital release will be available a few weeks after the physical releasedate (minus the digital bonus track).


released February 28, 2016

Written and produced by Nikola Grebovic.
Mastered by by Alessandro Sisti and Pier Alfeo at Soluxion Lab.



all rights reserved